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Clean Tech Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub in clean Tech Energy and innovative materials for energy solutions and applications. With emphasis on the development, production and exploitation of products and innovative ideas in Energy sector.

Clean Tech Innovation Hub, based in Patras Science Park, include a strong partnership between companies, university and research institutions aiming towards the research on advanced materials and in particular for energy applications. For example, silicon, plasmonic materials and photovoltaics are found among the main research topic. The Hub will give the opportunity to its members to know each other, to perform research on projects of mutual interest and apply towards EU funding. The conception of innovation hubs is an initiative of Patras Science Park, which is an important opportunity for the Region of Western Greece, as it aims to strengthen research, technological development, innovative ideas and cooperation with interested business partners. Patras Science Park with this initiative aims to assist where possible, to the reintegration of the Region through the penetration of the existing research / innovation ecosystem (which is highly developed in Western Greece) to industry's production, with the aim to increase competitiveness, create new jobs while limiting the phenomenon of brain-drain.


The scope of Clean Energy Tech HUB is to unite the efforts of its memebers in a common, strong collaborative structure - hub, creating new pathways of research, technology and business partnerships. Clean Energy Tech HUB wil aslo able to offer:

  • Leadership at national level and international collaboration
  • Strong and well structured links between laboratories and industry
  • Suitable conditions for attracting young scientists and researchers, develpment centers, business

Energy & Renewable energy

It is the energy that is collected from renewable resource, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Renewable energy often provides energy in four important areas: electricity generation, air and water heating/cooling, transportaion, and rular (off-grid) energy services. The needs for more energy increase year after year as the demands of the technological progress and human's activities are multiplicated. Renewables and natural gas are the bug winners in the race to meet energy demand growth until 2040, according to the latest edition of the World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency's flagshop publication.


The activities and specific objectives of Clean Tech Energy HUB include:

  • Development of new products for energy applcations for industry
  • Exploring new research fields
  • Innovative ideas in order to became products according EU TRL scale
  • Finding new financial tools or the implementation of prijects and the financial support of its members
  • Training of scientist in new fields of science, as well as in entepreneurhip, management and innovation
  • Commercial exploitation of research results by establishing companies - or spin-off ventures
  • Attraction of new members
  • Collaboration and services to Industry and to the companies
  • Cooperation with natural and legal persons abroad
  • Initiatives and participation in internationalin orederperform research on projects of mutual interest and apply towards EU funding

Who we are

The Clean Tech Energy Hub is founded by Patras Science Park, by professors of the University of Patras with research activity in the field, and by important cmpanies in the Energy and materials sector with a view to creating a cradle promoting business activity and development of new peroducts which will have a competitive advantage.

Founding members